Our Team

Meet the force behind GetKnownInc!

They are not only the geekiest marketers you will ever meet, but are also a fun bunch of people to work with! We got out own spaghetti jokes and if you don’t like spaghetti, sorry we can’t take you in!

Our Top Management

Saroosh Khan


A nerdy SEO expert with an experience of over 4 years in the most fearsome niches in US, Saroosh Khan is what moves the agency with his brilliance in planning and implementing a strategy which not only picks the low hanging fruits, but also knocks the champions out of the game!
So if our clients are really in trouble, he is their Captain Marvel!

Brent Jacobs


A master of automation and highly effective marketer who never shys away from anything, Brent is the Belgian Spaghetti Destroyer of our team! The more he feeds on it, the higher your ROI will be! No Kidding! He is one of the most intelligent marketers of his age and has been credited of saving many businesses by getting them exactly what they want!
Bring spaghetti to the meeting, he will give you waiver! (NOT REALLY)

Team Members

SEO Manager

Saad Satti

Is he the best SEO manager you can find? Well, if we would say yes, you might just steal him! 
But he benches 100 KG!!! So definitely some serious strength we are talking about!

Content Strategist

Kamran Zulfiqar

With his looks and style, his brains are great too! When it comes to prgamatic research for search intent, he can leave you in awe easily!

UX/UI Strategist

Novera Mubarak

Do I need to tell you how aesthetically sound she is? This website and all our clients’ marvellous ones are a thing of art by her!

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