Pay Per Click for Law Firms

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management so that EACH CLICK is a CASE!

Our strategy includes not only finding high volume keywords but also we research low volume keywords which will harness substantial ROI which will produce great results in less budget. This will reduce your cost per click and make advertising more affordable, we will make your campaign more fruitful in less cost resulting in new cases for your law firm!

It is your chance to grow your law firm

Get maximum Leads for Your firm

Step up your website’s performance through our professionally programmed search-engine advertisement. We offer standard Pay Per Click (PPC) management services that will increase your website’s traffic and maximize your conversion rates.

Our agency offers instant and assured results in terms of successful digital marketing and increased online conversions in to cases. We will serve all of your internet ad requisites to facilitate a large scale growth of your law firm with a limited amount of investment.

How are Our PPC Services for law firms different?

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Below we have listed the PPC services we provide, we have provided descriptions to make it easy for you to understand make a decision on what paid marketing campaign you want for your business.

What We Provide?

Law firm PPC Services

GetKnowInc have been providing the best PPC services to its customers which results in highly qualified leads. Our experts are fully equipped in providing you with the best PPC services to bolster your conversion rate and boost your new cases.

We work closely to find high volume keywords that have commercial intent. Our experts will collaborate with you to get aligned with your goals and deliver the best paid campaigns for your law firm. GetKnownInc is regarded as one of the fastest growing PPC service provider.

PPC Audit

It involves reviewing and assessing the functionality of the paid advertising sources that you have invested in. Sources may range from amazon ads to google advertisements and offer practical solutions to enhance your account’s performance. Through this exercise, you may improve your ad campaigns, maximize your conversions, and increase your online sales. You also get an added benefit of tracking the rival firm’s strategies and thus upgrade your ad’s quality to attract more relevant traffic.

Remarketing Services

This advertising strategy lets you promote your services to the visitors who have previously visited your websites. The remarketing tactic can be employed via many platforms such as youtube, Facebook and various other applications. Some of the artful ways of using remarketing services are:

  • Reminders of existing case forms
  • Limited time offers and targeting situation based cases.
  • Constant reminders of viewed case areas on your firm’s websites.
  • Special offers directed at users who have canceled your legal services.

Facebook add

The third Step

This service utilizes the pre-existing audience of the world’s largest social networking site to facilitate your firm’s recognition. Make the best use of the large scale popularity of Facebook by launching well-constituted ad groups into it. This will provide you with a massive scope for growth in terms of new cases for your law firm by reaching out to a wide range of audiences.

Geofencing Add

Geofencing technology primarily aims at targeting consumers on the basis of their locations. It covers a specific area that may be based on the target zone of your rival firms, like social events, and so on. This practice will result in area-specific ad campaigns and offer a chance of acquiring higher revenues. Highlights of our geofencing ad services:

  • Each target area is limited to 1000 sqft
  • High level of research based on competitor’s target location
  • Complicated patterns to avail unprecedented precision and better results.

Addressable ad

This is an advanced variant of geofencing ads that will not only launch and monitor location-specific ad campaigns but also ensure the facilitation of:

  • Improved client experience,
  • Increased conversion rates
  • The maximization of relevant traffic at your website.

Social media Ad

The unprecedented growth in the use of social media apps such as Pinterest, Linkedin, GoogleMaps, etc. has created a brilliant platform for you to present your ads before their large number of users. With the change in algorithms, your law firm is served with new opportunities to affect the audience and make potential clients with new cases out of them

you are not alone

Our professional PPC services for your firms!


To procure good quality PPC services, you ought to seek professional help. Our agency of quality PPC service providers aims at collaborating with your firm to achieve your target results. Since PPC is not a one-time program and requires constant updates, we work on it continuously to make necessary modifications and keep your ad campaigns ahead of your rivals.

  • Better Tracking Options
  • Increase Traffic
  • High Transparency
  • Add Customization
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