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Reaching right people at the right place” is the solution your business needs that could generate more traffic, more revenue and less time consumption. In the age of information, as the consumer is surrounded with so many signals to stop him, our SEO services will make, break and shape your business to reach on to the next level.

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

History Never Lies!!!

Get Known Inc has deep rooted behavior, which is obvious by our reviews and its tracks, to handle the tough jobs and help many law firms to reach their desired goals. It customizes people into their subjective manner and makes sure that every client receives a value that could help him to earn more with more efficiency.

How can SEO management services improve my online presence?

Online marketing can not go away without SEO. Whether it’s the traffic or leads, SEO is the hallmark of the discussion. Law firms without this are like a car without an engine. The isn’t that simple as it looks from the word, but goes deep. It helps a law firm reach the right people at the right place and increases the ranking of a website.

Bespoke SEO Services for Law Firms

  • and just about everything!

Website Seo Audit

Increasing conversions are the sign that SEO campaigns have driven the results successfully. Ranking higher in the organic research leads us to thrive the law firm to a next level which drives a wheel to grow it to achieve even better results.
Customizing each client and providing them with the best are the mottoes we run on. Under our plans and strategic visions, we will make sure to help you achieve the things you can expect. Sometimes your business looks for local segments, other times you look for a broader range of geography. Whatever the situation will be, our SEO specialists will make sure that what you are asking for and will do our best to deliver that.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is considered as key feature while doing SEO. Without it, your law firm won’t approach the ideal customer. It involves a targeted person to reach you as easily as possible.
But before discussing our strategy, knowing what this term means is also important. It is the analysis of asking what the targeted client is looking for, searching for and standing for. This insight then gives the manager a strategy for using the right title tags, content and much more to count in.
With the use of right keywords, Google crawlers find the content as valuable thing which should be ranked higher. As the ranking gets up, it leads the law firm to grow more traffic and more revenue in minimum time.
These include looking at your website’s analytics, google research console data and much more to count in. The manager will use several tools to provide you with the analysis that you can expect.

Content Creation And Implementation

“Content is king.” Google loves fresh and persuasive content to rank a website. Content creation also requires skill, will and thrill to hit the customers with rightly researched keywords and essential terms. Marketing, whether offline or online, can’t go away without content.

There isn’t any hard and fast rule to go with the content strategy, but it is divided deep ranging from blogs to online information. This includes using blog posts to capture the attention of the buyer. After the customer has entered into the buying funnel, then using online guides to help him reach you. This process then goes on and on to make the flow of the traffic.

On-Page Optimization

On-site optimization is not only limited to the SEO of part of Google, but also goes deep down on any other search engine. Even sites like Yahoo and Bing require optimization to a deep level. SEO experts can’t go away without it.
For getting a little bit of on-page optimization, we can assume that it concerns SEO on websites. This includes things like speed, content, design and similar other things.Imagine a person opening your website and time and again he has to wait for the things to open. This might make your customers get away from your website. So, page speed is one of the important factors to look after. This isn’t limited to user experience but Google also lauds the website with more speed. So, better speed can let your website rank higher.
In the age multimedia, who likes to go with the long boring text of content. Along with the content graphics, images and videos have become an important feature to make consumers stay active for a long time. This turns into giving a valuable thing to a person in an exchange of his time.

Our SEO Process for Law Firms


We are not an agency which just does SEO the way everyone is doing! We follow custom strategies that are developed for our clients in the first month of their work which are unique to only them! So it is either you or your competitor who is going to benefit from this by signing up with us! Best Isn’t Possible Without Any Experience In The Field And We only provide you with the BEST.


Before approaching any decision, the first to cope up with the situation includes looking at the situation and analyzing it to the maximum level. Situation analysis does the same. Under this, we look at what you really are, what your law firm stands for and how you serve your clients internally and externally.

It requires a step to have a look from the customers’ side – how do they see your firm, how they are interacting with you, what are their demographics and what platform they are using to interact with you.

Along with many others looking at their SEO also an essential thing that comes under watchdog. This is their make or break thing as it is the age of digital media. So, analyzing this and looking at their situation of whether it’s performing or not raises many deep questions which are answered by many other tools like converting and using better keywords and on-site, off-site optimizations.


Our strategies are just too SMART!!

  • SPECIFIC-Specific technique involves looking at a certain issue or challenge to raise a question that asks that either enough focus has been provided or not, is there anything missing which is not defined or the issue hasn’t been given much focus as required?
  • MEASURABLE-Measurable looks at the motive to analyze the situation through the data which could be quantitative or qualitative. This step gives the person at operation an insight to understand the situation by the help of data.
  • ACTIONABLE-This step looks at the output and is interested in looking at the efficiency of the action which is going to be executed. This raises the question the implication of certain decisions and more importantly the effect that it’s going to produce once is has been achieved.
  • TIME-RELATED-Time comes under deep surveillance when it comes to look at any certain task. To define the boundaries of it is also a very essential task to look after.


There are key features which must be considered before moving forward with the strategy. This includes Acquisition, Engagement, Communication

  • ACQUISITION-Acquisition includes achieving a particular stand out position within a certain duration of time. It could be to increase the traffic of certain segmented geographical areas on a certain date or making the presence of traffic on your website to be doubled.
  • ENGAGEMENT-The manager looks at the data of a certain consumers who are producing traffic on your website and makes crucial analysis of the type of consumer involving and tuning in on your website and how they are interacting with the portfolio of the firm.
  • COMMUNICATION-This step involves, after analyzing the engagement part, to increase your interaction with your targeted consumer. This could be summed under the example of increasing your advertisement campaigns to interact with them as more than often. In short, convert visitors into clients with cases for your law firm!


This is done by defining the seven P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Partnership – and what exactly their impact will be.

  • PRODUCT-This is where we define the key things that are related and concerns with the service you are offering. 
  • PRICE-Price is a crucial step to include. This can really alter the decision of so many people.
  • PLACE-Place is also important to look after when it comes to availability to your customers. That is the reason most of the law firms are turning to digital land in order to secure maximum availability.
  • PROMOTION-This step calls for the attention of putting every platform to help reaching your targeted goals by defining your USP – unique selling point.
  • PEOPLE-Communicating with the customer has become very essential to achieve their satisfaction with your firm.
  • PROCESS-A consumer should be made comfortable with the process as much as possible.
  • PARTNERSHIP-This includes listing of other important partners that you are with and listing them on your platforms.


As the saying goes “Action speaks larger than words”, this stage calls for bringing your abstract plan to life with profound measures. This really digs deep down to look for what needed to be achieved viewing your objectives and looking at your goals.

For SEO, this includes looking on-page optimization, content, link building and other things to analyze with.
This is where we jump from the back seat strategist to become the front seat doers who actualy make things work.

After that, whether be it on page optimization or off page, or be it any technical SEO issue your site faces, we will be the saviours of your destiny!


Control comes under looking at the process of each information with deep eyes. This makes our team to not lose the contact of what effect a certain task is doing and what effect it is producing. By monitoring the surveillance times and again, it makes sure that every step is producing and right input and the right output.

There are various ways we can establish control and implement it in our strategies.
SEO campaigns at Get Known Inc follow a very rigorous and detailed process for implementation of control. We use state of the art enterprise tools and techniques to measure and report our performance to you!
Rest be assured, you will see the effort that will translate to results in terms of increase in REVENUE and MORE CASES for you!

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